Incontinence information

4.8 million Australian men and women are affected by incontinence, so if a leaking bladder has you worried, you’re not alone. However, knowing what type of incontinence you have is perhaps the first important step to finding the right treatment. Your doctor can then advise you what treatment options are available for your specific type of incontinence.

This section outlines all the types of incontinence, their causes and treatment options.


Types of Incontinence

Once you have a fairly good idea of which type of incontinence you have, your doctor may recommend a range of incontinent treatment options including:

The good news is that incontinence is an extremely common problem and that you don’t have to suffer alone. The important thing is to consult your doctor sooner rather than later to get a better idea of what your body is doing and then discuss the best way to tackle or lessen your incontinence.

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